Welcome to LOVE Babies! Time We Get To Work!

Time to FAITHWELL! Just so you know… There is MORE for you MY LOVE!

You must be strong and very courageous! Joshua 1:7-9

There is no time to waste! Something AMAZING has been locked in you so long, and with very little light!

It is time you offer your work to Christ and walk each NEW level out in faith.

These are FAITHWELL Lessons to intentionally confirm your gifts to the world and are designed to transform you intimately and personally. THEY ARE POWERFUL!

Each person is different, and so are ALL the FAITHWELL Lessons! FWLs are created just for you.

Jesus is free, but you are investing in your next level of faith in Him and there is always a cost to each LESSON we learn. However, once you have learned THE LESSONS specifically created for you, a more evolved, educated, and faithful spirit will emerge within you to accomplish ALL the work that arrives in future NEW LEVELS AND NEW SEASONS!

You will have a personal guide (ME) to engage you in your purpose of serving Christ with your life, your intentions, talents, and in your service.


Individual Faith Bible Study


Deep Exploration Of The Word Of God!


We refuse to read the instruction given by God to His Babies! The Word is meant to come ALIVE in us to foster self-love, passion, progress, revelation, wisdom, faith, abundance, and the manifestation of the Glory God envisioned for you/with you before the world began.
WE WILL DIG IN THE WORD OF GOD…and pull out all the AMAZING BLESSINGS meant just for you!

You can expect homework weekly. I will make suggestions of the version of Bible perfect for you this time of your life.

We will uncover what is in the Word of God plainly, and expect to receive revelational knowledge at every turn!

Materials Mailed Prior to Sessions:

  • Planner
  • Awe&Glory Journal
  • Bible Study Guide
  • Colorful Pens

Let’s Discover His Word!



Transformation Is Here!

This 6 month of Transformationalfaith sessions is the navigation through all that it costs us to be gorgeously CHOSEN+SURE+GLORIOUS.

In this journey you will be reminded that you were magnificently CHOSEN by God for a specific work given only to you… and that you must be Brave for, and SURE in, to accomplish the manifestation of this work well! It is time for to produce fruit!

Your intention must be set on bringing Him GLORY in every aspect of this work John 17:4-7.

What You Can Expect:

  • Definition of the Work
  • Creative Ideas/Naming
  • Honing How to Hear Clearly/Deeply
  • Journey Back in Time to Propel the Work Forward/ Corrections
  • Exploration of the Word and His Promises Specific to YOU
  • WALK IT OUT (Who, What, When Where, How) a plan to build greatness in what is best for YOU!

These 6 months will be hard and WONDERFULLY DELIGHTFUL!

It will be the best and most powerful investment you will ever make in your life because you will keep all that transformed you and evolve it …elevate it…and offer NEW FRESH REVELATION to the next level that comes.

Once we have past the tests and empowered ourselves with the light of Christ…WE ARE ENTRUSTED TO MORE…A NEW LEVEL.

Fine Tune Your Hearing Of The Spirit


Hear for Yourself

Your life is a reflection of what you are listening to! We have to be verwy verwy quiet (in the words of the Sweet Elmer Fudd). LOL!

I LOVE listening to the Holy Spirit and teaching others to tap into ALL God is saying to them.

How I See The Trinity:

God: Visionary of the promises and work we have been entrusted to in heaven.

The Great I AM

Jesus: Executer to show us by example how to walk our faith out in Him and through His Word. Jesus is the manifestation of the grace of God. He is seated at the right hand of the Father Almighty praying for us because we are such a delightful mess.

Holy Spirit: Colorer of right perspective that delivers transformative sight and creativity to ALL that exists above this world. Even God Himself did not create one thing/person without the hovering of the Holy Spirit. He is our guide and comforter.

I have spent my time since the age of 8 honing my hearing in and from the Holy Spirit.

I had an over the top experience with God, and before I ever began reading a single word of the Bible, I learn to sit for hours and pray to listen.

My life is a wonder because I have chosen to move strategically above the world’s culture, success, and standards in obedience to the very powerful VOICE OF ALMIGHTY GOD!

You will learn to hear from the Holy Spirit, faithfully moving in ALL He tells you, and following it in His timing as your secret weapon. I will share stories of the impossible made possible by His loving hand of instruction throughout the Holy Spirit. And, together we with create the NEW that awaits you.

He wants to talk to you and I will show you HOW to FINE TUNE YOUR Hearing of the Spirit, and bring clarity to what you may being hearing. You will then learn how to piece it all together and execute the instruction into your everyday.


Yeah…This is pretty much the best fun and adventure you will ever have!

We are all here for an experience to fully, creatively, holy and sacredly becoming as naked (vulnerable) as we can be before the Lord. Let US BE YOUR GUIDES!

We were created to be whole, rich and blessed…lacking NOTHING! This Faith + Awe & Glory experience with me, and my team is a faithful journey to uncovering who you are at each new level. We will strategically graft in all you have learned through the lessons and butt scrapes you have endured through His loving grace.

Before today, a belief existed in many of us, that the conquering with the world’s fortunes was the goal. We will cultivate a knowing that fruit, multiplication and abundance belongs to you in Him!

We keep waiting to conquer so we can be comfortable, and to live out an existence in a permanent place that doesn’t exist.

What we fail to understand is that… EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY! We were made to be in constant states of evolution and growth. Nakedness will be necessary for the strength to be alive (without retreating far into your soul) in the process! It will be Intimate. That is whereFaith + Awe & Glory will TRANSFORM & CO-CREATE WHO YOU ALREADY ARE!

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