Time to FaithWell!

Just so you know… There is MORE for you MY LOVE!

You must be strong and very courageous!
Joshua 1:7-9

There is no time to waste! Something AMAZING has been locked in you so long, and with very little light! It is time you offer your work to Christ and walk each NEW level out in faith.

These are FAITHWELL Lessons to instantly confirm your gifts to the world and designed to transform you personally. THEY ARE POWERFUL! Each person is different, and so are ALL the FAITHWELL Lessons. FWLs are created just for you.

Jesus is free, but you are investing in your next level of faith

There is always a cost to each LESSON we learn. However, once you have learned the LESSONS specifically created for you, a more evolved, educated, and faithful spirit will emerge within you to accomplish the work that arrives in the NEW LEVEL AND NEW SEASON!

You will have a personal guide (ME) to engage you in your purpose of serving Christ with your life, your intentions, talents, and in your service. These FaithWELL Lessons will transform you to hearing Him for yourself differently, and will open you up to an intimate relationship in and with Him. I am here to integrate all you have been through and all you will endure to create with you a path perfect for an AMAZING REVELATIONAL life of FAITH.



Increase Your Faith


Individual Faith Bible Study

You can expect homework weekly. I will make suggestions of the version of Bible perfect for you this time of your life. We will uncover what is in the Word of God plainly, and expect to receive revelational knowledge!

Materials Mailed Prior to Sessions:

  • Planner
  • Awe&Glory Journal
  • Bible Study Guide
  • Colorful Pens

Let’s Discover His Word!

Our Specialties

Increase your faith. Get In Touch For a Free Consultation

See…There is a way to live this happy, truthful, abundant, good…really good, sparkly, fly, and steeped in faith! God is calling us to Glory through our work, The Chosen + The Sure + The Glorious John 17:4-7
Let’s arrive safely, sane, happy, and in the communion of faith together planting trees strategically, purposefully, and intently with real fruit for days.

6 Month Program


This 6 month of Transformationalfaith sessions is the navigation of all that it costs us to be gorgeously CHOSEN+SURE+GLORIOUS. In this journey you will be reminded that you were magnificently CHOSEN by God for a specific work and that you must be brave in and SURE to accomplish that work well and be ABUNDANT in! Your intention must be on bringing Him GLORY in every aspect of this work John 17:4-7.

Honing How to Hear Clearly/Deeply

Definition of the Work

Exploration of the Word and His Promises Specific to YOU

Plan to build greatness in what is best for YOU!

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

It will be the best and most powerful investment you will ever make in your life because you will keep all that transformed you and evolve it …elevate it…and offer NEW FRESH REVELATION to the next level that comes. Once we have past the tests and empowered ourselves with the light of Christ…WE ARE ENTRUSTED TO MORE…A NEW LEVEL.


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