The work I do here is a work of being led through true obedience.

I believe everyone should not just know Christ, but have a more evolved experience with Him. One of Faith!

I have placed this SowNow button here by faith for you to have the opportunity to bless thousands around the world to hear the message of Christ and help me intimately transform one life at a time through FAITHWELL LESSONS.

There are so many searching for God who cannot financially commit to the lessons here and need a deeper Faith that is intimate and causes transformation. I pour both out of my spirit lavishly out of obedience that they in turn will greatly empower the Kingdom of God.

That is the sweet ministry of this work.

You can…Expect the Blessings of God to knock you down, overtake you, and chase you all the way down the street when you FAITHFULLY SOW into faith+awe& glory! I would love for you to come back here as we share the fruit of how your specific gifts Blessed a son or daughter of God beyond measure. In these times, as we give and hold each other up…We shall ALL FAITHFULLY Transform the world to look like the Faith+Awe&Glory of Heaven.

All My Love As You Sow! ❤ DaRhonda Hebrews 11:6

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