Hello Loves,

I know that you may struggle with where you are right now and that there is no sign of it being better.

God is here…and He loves you and really… He loves you MOST.

He knew these circumstances would cause you to get on your knees to pray and worship your way to the answer and a strategic way out. You are not alone and if your reach for Him, He will touch you.

He hears the whispers of your heart and the pain in your tears. He designed you to trust Him with each and every one. Your endless depression, sadness, self-sabotage, and inability to be who you were created to be is not serving the purpose for why you were created.

You were created for AMAZING things and the pain is there to propel you to the greatness you know is inside you now.

Your denial of it cause you increased agony and you belabor all the things everyone else is doing to you. In your heart, you know it is up to you, but alone you stay in an unmentioned dark place.

YOU ARE LIGHT! And I love you too! You can get up and you can decide you are better than the things around you, and you have something to learn and give that is beneficial to the world!

Your hiding doesn’t serve you and it is an infinite hole that exists because you fail to delight us with your powerful gifts given to you by GOD Himself. Many of us think, if we don’t do it we can brag about who people (see) think we are and that is better than failure to be half of that. Well, goodness… what kind of life is that?

TAKE THE LEAP OF FAITH and believe out of love you were made, in infinite love your were created, and back to love you shall return!

Abundant Joy,

DaRhonda xoxo
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