Hello Loves,

There comes a moment when we are responsible for our faith in all aspects of our relationship with God. Many believe that it is just enough to actually have a relationship with God at all and they end up calling that that faith. “I have faith in Him”.

Faith is not meant to be experienced on the sidelines. He has already been faithful. FAITH IS MEANT TO BE LIVED! It is a spiritually directed experience demonstrated and executed by Jesus and instructed by the Holy Spirit as an expanse of the vision given by God in our lives. It must be followed with many little actions leading to the end result while, sowing something that cost you everything, and going after what you believe belongs to you and lines up with Him and His Word.

However, to go on that journey, you must have first heard… and obeyed in the timing of the Holy Spirit. He is waiting on you and wants to delight your heart in causing you to deliver the blessings as only you can deliver them with your unique gifts.

You have been assigned a kingdom. You can bring God glory by being led and in your action obey and then pray/listen and obey again.

Faith is seeking Him in His orchestrated plan and action for your life. The part of the Trinity that brings this instruction is the Holy Spirit. Many of us know this, but don’t know Him (this aspect of the Trinity) intimately. God and Jesus we usually know well, but the Holy Spirit we spend little time cultivating that relationship.

We cannot just talk all the time, we must listen effectively, and move! Faith is about believing what you heard when there is no sign that you heard it. Faith is about drowning out circumstances telling you that what you heard is impossible and forge your way anyhow! Faith is the way to having ALL!!

Love you to Life!,

DaRhonda xoxo
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