Let’s Spend Quality Time

Hello Loves,

The time in which you spend with the Lord matters.

The time you spend seeking Him in communion, community, Word, prayer, gleaming at His feet changes the depth of power of your relationship. It is what keeps you out times of peril, pain, sickness, devastation, and trouble. All will come. Live long enough, and one, two, or all will rest on your life for a moment.

You must be strong, fight, be intimate, grow, and KNOW who you are. Who you are in this invaluable relationship. He is the ONLY One who knows who you really are. You are beautifully divine and redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. You are who you say you are. So the time you spend drenched in the Lord, the more you will identify with Him who lives inside you and not with the hot mess of a forever life of who existed in who you were.

The reflection of that relationship will define for you who you should be and where you should go in your life because you were created for it and it for you. You will see your divine destiny and purpose because your desires will change to want to live in the sweet presence of God.

You cannot make agreement with the world. When God gets a hold of your offering to look like Him and release the residue of the world you will begin to deeply live in Him and His image everyday. A fallen culture is the example to our everyday and we have to fight against those lies. You have to stand in who Jesus says that you are.

So how do you spend more time? It is simply intentionally little by little and yet very present. You must show up. Show up at the same time everyday with a rhythm and a thoughtful energy. It will require you to entrust your learning and growth to Christ and ultimately surprise the heck out of yourself.

All In Time,

DaRhonda xoxo
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